Brass Apple Deep

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Brass Apple Deepam

Using Metal  :  Brass
Size  :  3 Inch
Color  :  Glossy Golden

  • On the Occasion of Diwali, Christmas, Anniversary, Birthdays these items can be readily turned into a wonderful Gift Item.
  • TRADITIONAL DESIGN Very appealing and eye catching as a home decor item.

Description :
Diya / oil lamp were a part of various traditions and cultures around the world. All auspicious functions, religious as well as social , starts with the lighting of the lamp. This custom has deep intellectual and spiritual significance. Primarily deepam signifies knowledge. All our activities should be governed by the light of knowledge, especially the knowledge of Dharma. By this knowledge , ignorance or darkness is dispelled. The Handmade Indian Brass Oil Lamp is a traditional oil lamp known as a diya. You can also use them as decorations in your home in the living room or bedroom or place them on a dining table instead of candles. This Beautiful oil lamp can be used as a home decor item or it can also be gifted to your near and dear ones.

Brass Apple Deep

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