2face Rudraksha


  • Orginal lab certified two face rudraksha at reasonable price.
  • Ruling God: Ardhanareshwar
  • Ruling Planet: Moon
  • Beeja Mantra: || Om Namah ||
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TwoFace Rudraksha:

It is also beneficial for whom who is in search of best life partner. It also helps to bring pleasure and spiritual gains in wearer life. It also helps to cure the negative effects of Planet Moon. So those who have weak moon in their kundli should wear two face rudraksha.Two mukhi rudraksha represents Ardhanarishwara, the combined form of Lord Shiva and Parvati. The ruler of this bead is Lord Ardhanarishwara and the ruling planet is moon. This rudraksha helps bring harmony in the family by preventing clashes and promoting a good understanding.

Benefits of 2 Mukhi Rudraksha

  • It represents two images of Shiva and Shakti. Thus, the wearer would be blessed with unity and harmony
  • It symbolizes Guru-Shishya, parents-children, husband-wife relationship
  • It maintains Oneness in the relationship
  • On a spiritual level, it removes the negative elements of the planet moon.
  • On a physical level, it cures emotional instability, releases fear, insecurity, and gives inner happiness and fulfillment.
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