Gow Durbar Sambrani Dhoop Cones


Made with ‘Pancha Gavyas’ bestowed by Indian Desi Cow. Unlike regular incense sticks, made with bark powder instead of coal, which results in white smoke that doesn’t spoil walls etc. Safe and lasting divine fragrance gives a pleasant experience in Pooja and Meditation

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Dhoop Cones enhances concentration and focus at the time we are reading or performing meditation, prevents infections, relieves headaches, fights depression, and reduces anxiety and tension. Dhoop sticks are core less that permits it to burn more quickly and for a extended duration, as compare to the incense sticks.Natural Sambrani Dhoop cones holds natural sambrani in its centre. The utilization of this stick is believed to bug off negative energy when lighting in living or pooja rooms. The stick should be placed on the plate holder and lit along the black rim thereby emitting sambrani odour. The fragrance lasts for 1 hour, long after the burn lifetime of the dhoop without creating any health hazards.Cow dung dhoop sticks,Dhoop Cups


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