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Kudakalu or dried coconut is used in pasupu-kumkum ceremony and aso useful in food.

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Kudakalu is used in pooja .It is also used in pasupu-kumkum ceremony.It is also a ingredient useful in food.It is also known as dried coconut and kobra.

The coconut tree (Cocos nucifera) is an individual from the palm tree family (Arecaceae) and the main living types of the variety Cocos.[1] The expression “coconut” (or the age-old “cocoanut”)[2] can allude to the entire coconut palm, the seed, or the natural product, which organically is a drupe, not a nut. The name originates from the old Portuguese and Spanish word coco, signifying ‘head’ or ‘skull’ after the three spaces on the coconut shell that look like facial highlights. They are omnipresent in waterfront tropical districts, and are a social symbol of the tropics.

It is one of the most valuable trees on the planet, and is frequently alluded to as the “tree of life”. It gives food, fuel, beauty care products, people medication and building materials, among numerous different employments. The inward substance of the develop seed, just as the coconut milk separated from it, frames a customary piece of the eating regimens of numerous individuals in the tropics and subtropics. Coconuts are unmistakable from different organic products on the grounds that their endosperm contains an enormous amount of clear fluid, called coconut water or coconut juice. Develop, ready coconuts can be utilized as palatable seeds, or handled for oil and plant milk from the tissue, charcoal from the hard shell, and coir from the stringy husk. Dried coconut substance is called copra, and the oil and milk got from it are regularly utilized in cooking – broiling specifically – just as in cleansers and beauty care products. The hard shells, sinewy husks and long pinnate leaves can be utilized as material to make an assortment of items for outfitting and enhancement.kobbari kudakalu,dry coconut,coconut,kudaalu,kudukaalu,kudukalu,kudkalu.

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