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A memento is a pendant that opens to uncover a space utilized for putting away a photo or other little thing, for example, a lock of hair. Mementos are generally given to friends and family on siestas, for example, Valentine’s Day and events, for example, christenings, weddings and, most observably during the Victorian Age, burial services. Verifiably, they regularly opened to uncover a representation smaller than normal.

Mementos are commonly worn on chains around the neck and frequently hold a photograph of the individual who gave the memento, or they could shape some portion of an appeal arm band. They come in numerous shapes, for example, ovals, hearts and circles and are typically made of valuable metals, for example, gold or silver befitting their status as ornamental gems.

Mementos for the most part hold just a couple of photos, yet some uncommonly caused mementos to can hold up to eight. A few mementos have been formed as ‘spinner’ mementos, where the bail that appends to the neckband chain is connected yet not fixed to the memento itself which is allowed to turn. This was a typical style in the Victorian Age. Around 1860 token mementos began to supplant grieving rings as the favored style of grieving adornments.

Souvenir mementos can likewise be made with a glass sheet at the front so what is inside can be seen without opening the memento. Such mementos are commonly utilized for things like locks of hair which could drop out and get lost if the memento were more than once opened, though photo mementos are commonly encased on all sides and the photos are made sure about by bits of clear plastic.

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  1. Sumita Bhowmick
    5 out of 5

    Sumita Bhowmick (verified owner):

    I love the emblem of the deities and the portraition of the deities.

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