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Mercury is utilized from multiple points of view as rasa pathangam, rasa patpam, rasa sendhooram for restorative purposes. At the point when it is made into a hard strong ball, it is known as Rasamani*. The change of mercury into rasamani is only a piece of speculative chemistry. The way toward isolating liquid and air from mercury was furtively kept up and furthermore kept as a mystery. On the off chance that we wear this Rasamani, it gives us more advantages. It assists with restoring the loss of motion, mucus, bile and keeps the body work appropriately.

Rasamani, normally, have the getting a handle on force and it ingests the intensity of any material and reflects it. Thus individuals who wish to accomplish intelligence through the yogic way use Rasamani.

By wearing the ball made of “RASAMANI” in our body we can walk speedly without tired.

By doing pooja to the gods made with “RASAMANI” we can without much of a stretch dispose of all the shrewd spirits of our family, exchange and business.

By keeping the ball made of “RASAMANI” we can balance out the progressions caused because of the normal changes like thunder, lightning, precipitation and over daylight.

No hurtful bugs or snakes will inconvenience us.

It is exceptionally certain that you would have a phenomenal fulfillment with your life accomplice in the sleep times by keeping the “RASAMANI” BALL in body.

On the off chance that we keep the “RASAMANI” balls made as 16 dabs maalais and perform pooja to those globules, we will doubtlessly observe the Almighty.

We can have the very most force in aakarshanam (pulling of other’s brain towards us) by doing pooja to the “RASAMANI BALLS”.

By performing milk and nectar abisheka to the symbols like SriGanesha, Muruga, Shivalinga and Sri Ambal made of “RASAMANI” and admission the milk and nectar, we can have an excellent wellbeing, riches and all the things we need in our life.

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