7x9x3 Inch Apple Pot Ashta lakshmi


Material Used : Copper

H x L x W (Inches) : 7x9x3,

Weight (kgs) : 1.10,

Posture : Standing

Purpose :

About : Copper has been the favourite material for making household utensils and vessels since ancient days. The medicinal properties of Copper were well understood and put to good use by the ancient Indians. When ingested in minute quantities, Copper helps you maintain a youthful appearance and also enhances the bodily functions like circulation, growth, eyesight, etc. This lacquer coated 9×7″ Copper pot is used to store liquids like water, milk, buttermilk, etc.

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. When water is stored in a copper vessel or bottle, for eight hours more, copper releases some of its ions in the water, through a process called Oligodynamic effect. Copper is a known to have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic and antioxidant properties. It assists in the formation of hemoglobin as well as cell regeneration and unfortunately, the human body cannot create the trace amounts of copper it requires to function healthily, therefore, copper has to be a part of our intake either through food or water, but the human body is benefitted in several other ways with the presence of copper, here are 12+ amazing healthy benefits of drinking water from a copper bottle:

. Copper is an essential trace mineral that is vital to human health. It has antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps neutralize toxins. Drinking 2 to 3 glasses of water that has been stored in a copper vessel is another easy way to supply your body with enough copper.

. Most copper is used in electrical equipment such as wiring and motors. This is because it conducts both heat and electricity very well, and can be drawn into wires. It also has uses in construction (for example roofing and plumbing), and industrial machinery (such as heat exchangers).

. Copper sulfate is used widely as an agricultural poison and as an algicide in water purification.

. Copper compounds, such as Fehling’s solution, are used in chemical tests for sugar detection.

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