Two naturally joined Rudrakshas are a wonderful phenomenon. Due to its rare occurrence, the wearer is blessed with comfort and peace. The Rudraksha is proven to enhance and provide excellent relations between the husband and wife.

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. Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha is viewed as the most valuable of all the Rudraksha dabs. Favored by Master Hanuman himself, 14 Mukhi Rudraksha additionally passes by the name of Dev Mani. Showering on the wearer characteristics of mental fortitude, diligence, boldness, quality, and fearlessness, Fourteen Faces Rudraksha can possibly give a wide range of material extravagances and otherworldly edification. Fourteen Face Rudraksha is controlled both by Mars and by Saturn. This expands its domain of impact and suits a great many people in their undertakings towards material ecstasy. It has end up being a marvel dot explicitly for individuals who are experiencing Shani Sade Sati. 14 Face Rudraksha is suggested for agents, government officials, supervisors, policy implementation officials and pioneers in different fields. Fourteen Face Rudraksha resembles a superpower against phantoms, underhanded spirits and negative impacts. 14 Mukhi Rudraksha ought to be worn in the wake of directing appropriate supplications and following right ceremonies for greatest impact.

14 Mukhi Rudraksha Benefits
1. Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha is amazingly valuable for individuals who have mangal dosha in their kundali.
2. 14 Mukhi Rudraksha fixes all illnesses of the skeletal framework like those identified with bones and muscles.
3. Fourteen Face Rudraksha benefits joint inflammation patients.
4. Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha helps in the treatment of piles.
5. 14 Mukhi Rudraksha assists patients of stoutness and cardiovascular problems.
6. The individuals who are confronting issues in getting hitched, loss of name and respect, serious medical problems advantage incredibly from Fourteen Face Rudraksha.
7. Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha has been instrumental in expanding the wearer’s self-assurance and achievement rate.
8. Fourteen Face Rudraksha mitigates one of mental pressure and passionate instability.
How to wear 14 Face Rudraksha
1. Top it in silver, panch dhatu or gold and utilize a red string to string it.
2. Wash it in Ganga Jal and Panchamrit before setting it in puja.
3. Apply shoe glue and improve it with flowers.
4. Face the north east and serenade the bheej mantra ‘Om Namah’ multiple times to stimulate it.
5. Contact it in the feet of Ruler Shiva’s venerated image or picture before wearing it.
Fourteen Face Rudraksha Wearing Rules
1. You can wear a fourteen mukhi rudraksha alongside some other rashi stone contingent upon your zodiac sign.
2. Keep away from enjoying sex, eating non-vegan nourishments, drinking liquor, lying and indecent acts while wearing this rudraksha.
3. Visit Shiva sanctuaries at any rate once a powerless and perform ruler Shiva puja in home in any event once a weak.
4. Serenade the bheej mantra ‘Om Namah’ at any rate multiple times both toward the beginning of the day and evening.

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