Sarva Devata Nitya Devatarchana Book

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Sarva Devata Nitya Devatarchana


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There is no compelling reason to set up Yantras underneath the Pratimas nor there is requirement for ‘Nitya Snaana’ or standard wash, with the exception of maybe on ‘Parva Dinaas’ or celebration/critical days so they are tidied up. Pancha Sutri Nirnaya: The tallness, width and perimeter of a Shiva Linga as likewise the estimations of its base and Soma Sutra estimations are called ‘Pancha Sutras’. Considering the Linga ‘Siro vistara’, the Linga’s stature and the Linga’s perimeter, the ‘Peetha’ or base of the Linga ought to be made in a roundabout way with the goal that the periphery of the Peetha ought to be twofold of the Linga’s estimation. It must be guaranteed that two Lingas are adored in a similar house: Grihey Linga dwayam naarcham Saalagraamadwayam tathaa, Dwechakrey dwaarakaayaastu naarcheyet Surya dwayam tathaa/Shakti trayam Tri Vighnesham dwousham bhunaarchayetsudhih/(In a similar house, there ought not be the love of two Shiva Lingas, two Shaala graamaas, two Dwaraka chakraas, two Suryaadhishthaanaas, three Shaktyadhishtaanaas and a few Vighneshaadhistaanaas and two Shankhas.) Additionally, Naarchayeccha tathaa Matsya Kurmaadi Dashakam gruhey/(In a similar house, there ought not be the love of Dashavataaras together.). There ought not additionally be a Puja of Pratimas half consumed, halfway disfigured, or broken, albeit a shalagrama broken or spoilt could be adored. Salagraama daana is comparable to Prithvi daana. Siblings must watch separate Devatarchana, Agnihotra, or Brahma Yagna.

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